Layaway Program

Any order over $200 may use our flexible layaway program.

The way our layaway program works is:

Step 1: 25% is due at the time an invoice is created. This Step is required.
Step 2: 25% is due within 30 days after the invoice date
Step 3: 25% is due between 31 and 60 days after the invoice date
Step 4: 25% is due between 61 and 90 days after the invoice date

So, after 90 days, the invoice should be fully paid.
As long as these Steps are followed, no interest is charged.

If a payment is missed after Step 1 [the initial 25%], or if for any reason you want more time to pay the balance, that is no problem: 

We will charge 3/4 of 1% on the remaining unpaid balance on the last day of each month.
Example: If the balance is $100 on November 30, we will charge 75 CENTS which is .0075 times $100.  
This is a little more than 9% annually due to compounding.

This program allows you to pay whatever amount you want whenever you want on each individual layaway invoice.

We will hold models covered by layaway plans until the invoice is fully paid.