*ATHEARN #26694 - 50' FMC Combo-Door Box Car - Railbox - #ABOX 50000 - [IN STOCK]

*ATHEARN #26694 - 50' FMC Combo-Door Box Car - Railbox - #ABOX 50000 - [IN STOCK]

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Athearn - #26694 - 50' FMC Combo-Door Box Car
Railbox #ABOX 50000
Primed For Grime

- Duplicated look and feel of "In Service" equipment; just like the real thing
- Faded base colors matched to the prototype
- Patches applied and shaped per road number matching the prototype
- Perfect starting point for adding grime and rust

- Decorated, fully-assembled, and ready-to-run
- Highly-detailed, injection-molded body
- Separately-applied wire grab irons and etched end platforms
- Weighted for trouble-free operation
- Machined solid nickel-silver metal wheels with RP25 contours
- Body-mounted McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers

It was the mid 1970s, and the incentive per diem box car boom was just beginning. New, brightly painted box cars seemed to appear overnight. Many were lettered for various short lines. FMC (Food Machinery Corporation) was a significant builder of many of these cars. The 50’ outside post, non-terminating end box car, became the foundation for new per diem cars built in the 1970s. The 50’ FMC cars also varied in door configuration and style to better suit each customer. These cars can still be seen today in the modern railroading scene.

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