ATHEARN GENESIS #G40918 - GP40-2 - Ph I - Grand Trunk #6407 - DCC-Ready - [IN STOCK]

ATHEARN GENESIS #G40918 - GP40-2 - Ph I - Grand Trunk #6407 - DCC-Ready - [IN STOCK]

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Athearn Genesis #G40918 - GP40-2 - Phase I
Grand Trunk Western #6407

This Athearn Genesis GP40-2 is DCC-Ready. [No sound.]

This model is in stock.

This model features:
-Tall jacking pads
- Standard EMD low snowplow
- Front and rear train
line hoses with silver tips
- Front and rear MU hoses with silver tips
- Illuminated strobe light
- Late 
coupler cut levers with loops
- Pilot and standard located jacking pads
- 81" low nose with ratchet brake
- Nose-mounted "got" style bell
- Cab-mounted dual-sealed beam headlight with glare shields
- Cab with louvers
- 2600 gallon fuel tank
- Riveted cab side-plate with arm rest
- Rounded blower housing
- Intermediate inertial filter intake
- Non-dynamic brake
- Early exhaust silencer stacks
- Curved radiator grob iron
- Short walkway duct extension
- Underframe-mounted bell
- Salem air filter
- Blomberg-B trucks with Hyatt bearing caps
- Intermediate speed recorder

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