*RAPIDO TRAINS #016623 - HO - RDC-1 Phase 1b - DCC & Sound - Chesapeake & Ohio #9062 - [IN STOCK]

*RAPIDO TRAINS #016623 - HO - RDC-1 Phase 1b - DCC & Sound - Chesapeake & Ohio #9062 - [IN STOCK]

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RAPIDO TRAINS #16623 - RDC-1 Phase 1b
Chesapeake & Ohio #9062

This model has DCC and Lok-Sound.

This HO Scale model Features:

  • Designed from 3D scans of the real RDCs (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
  • Accurate Phase 1 and Phase 2 details and fluting
  • Correct Phase 1b, Phase 1c and Phase 2 roof blisters
  • Rapido’s acclaimed “stainless steel” finish
  • Full interior detail with constant lighting and no motor visible through the windows
  • Two five-pole, skew-wound motors hidden in the actual engine bays
  • Separate underframe piping and conduit
  • Lit number boards and class lights
  • Working nose door Gyralite and ditch lights where appropriate
  • Fabricated or cast truck sideframes, as appropriate
  • Minimum Radius 18″
  • All wheels powered
  • Separate grab irons and front door chains
  • Etched-metal roof grills and fan covers
  • Wrap-around nose fluting, if appropriate
  • Separate diaphragms, if appropriate
  • Loads of roadname-specific details
  • Models will have either Detroit or Cummins engine sounds as appropriate.
  • Models will have standard bell or E-bell as appropriate.
  • Rapido RDC Underframe with CRAZY underbody detail – a Rapido hallmark.

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