RAPIDO TRAINS #026501- SW1200RS - Class  DRS-12a - HO-Scale - Canadian Pacific #8117 - [Block] - DCC & Sound - [IN STOCK]

RAPIDO TRAINS #026501- SW1200RS - Class DRS-12a - HO-Scale - Canadian Pacific #8117 - [Block] - DCC & Sound - [IN STOCK]

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Rapido #026501 - SW1200RS - DRS-12a Class
Canadian Pacific #8117 
With extra tall stack

This SW1200RS locomotive has DCC and ESU Lok-Sound.

This model is in stock.

These Rapido Trains Sw1200RS locomotives feature:
- Designed from blueprints and field measurements. 
- Heavy die-cast frame, chassis and gearboxes for superior pulling power
- Rapido's renowned smooth-running drive system
- Working number boards and classification lights
- Working inspection lights and ditch lights, where appropriate
- Separate handrails, including crash bars inside the cab
- With or without working drop steps, as appropriate
- Four different exhaust stack styles
- Three different battery box door styles
- Full cab interior with working cab interior light  
- Non-working fridge and fire extinguisher
- Incredible underframe piping and conduit detail cables and other piping, re-railer and many separately-applied parts
- Roadname-specific details including dynamic brakes and numerous different filter arrangements
- Operational headlights, rear lights, bi-colour class lights, illuminated cab control stand, and operation factory-installed ditch lights on some CP units
- Grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
- Highly-detailed cab interior with dual control stands where appropriate
- Heavy, die-cast chassis with Rapido's proven 5-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels and silky-smooth drive

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