RAPIDO TRAINS #082521 - F40PH-2D - HO - VIA Rail Canada #6416 - DCC & Sound - [IN STOCK]

RAPIDO TRAINS #082521 - F40PH-2D - HO - VIA Rail Canada #6416 - DCC & Sound - [IN STOCK]

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Rapido Trains #082521 - F40PH-2D - GPA-30H Class
VIA Rail Canada #6416
Canada's 150th Birthday wrap.
[Showing Bathurst, Churchill, Montreal, Quebec, Saskatoon, and Windsor]

As shown on the Rapido site:
"Only 150 models of each unit have been produced. These special units WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN!"

And for this special offer, we are including a high-quality display case

This F40PH-2D locomotive has DCC and ESU Lok-Sound.

This model features:
- 100% accurate Canadian details
- Full underframe detail including piping and conduit
-  Numerous etched-metal parts including radiator grilles
- Accurate Canadian roof fans with the correct number of blades
- Full interior detail including desktop control stand
- Rapido's proven 5-pole, skew-wound motor and silky-smooth drive system
- Macdonald-Cartier metal knuckle-couplers mounted at the correct height
- Numerous additional details, such as air conditioning unit and bug deflector
- Accurate sound recordings

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