*RAPIDO TRAINS #116031 - Mid-Train Dome - Seaboard - Moonlight - [IN STOCK]

*RAPIDO TRAINS #116031 - Mid-Train Dome - Seaboard - Moonlight - [IN STOCK]

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Rapido Trains #116031 - Mid-Train Dome
Seaboard - Moonlight

Rapido's Budd passenger cars feature their own unique stainless steel finish. After months of testing, they developed a top-secret method of spraying different specially-formulated finishes at specific temperatures to attain a warm, stainless feel.

In addition, their cars have complete underbody detail, including all of the air, steam, and electrical conduits. Nobody has ever 0offered this amount of detail in a passenger car model.

This Rapido HO Scale Model Features:

  • Fully decorated and assembled with factory-installed grab irons
  • Realistic stainless steel finish
  • Full underbody with air, steam and electrical lines
  • Fully detailed and decorated interiors
  • Window blinds at different heights for each car
  • Operating diaphragms with etched-metal end gates
  • Magnetic metal knuckle couplers at the correct height
  • Free-rolling trucks with metal wheelsets
  • Track-powered interior lighting including dome lights

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